OSCE Days: NEMONA Challenge

Freitag, , Agora, Rollberg / Am Sudhaus 2, 12053 Berlin

OSCE Days: NEMONA Challenge

Open forms of collaboration in a locally based fashion industry in Berlin


NEMONA (Teilprojekt Modewirtschaft) is a fashion incubator and network in the field of fashion and production in Berlin-Neukölln and it is aimed at fashion designers and seamstresses. The aim is to promote the partnership networking between these two groups for new sources of jobs and to develop business models.

In this context we would like to discuss with you, how we could devolope a sustainable business model.

Friday, 10.06.2016 @10h am

Related questions:

  • Are there comparable multi-label brands?
  • What would be the unique selling point (USP) of a “multi-label brand NEMONA”?
  • How important are the following aspects and to whom are they important: local production, sustainability (e.g. upcycling), eco.- friendliness, etc.
  • How is Berlin as a brand recognized in the rest of Germany and across the globe? Should the image of Berlin be incorporated into the marketing strategy of a “multi-label brand NEMONA”?
  • Are NEMONA´s attributes of fashion designer cooperation and independent, locally based fashion labels enough to attract a sufficient number of potential costumers? If so, who would they be?
  • Would it be successful in the long run to market a variety of fashion labels under one umbrella brand?
  • How diverse/different from another can/should the different fashion labels subsumed under a “multi-label brand NEMONA” be?
  • What pricing-model should be applied (standardized/variable..)?
  • What distribution channel(s) should be chosen? Own store/showroom, retail store, online store – a combination of the aforementioned?
  • What are the challenges?
  • What other questions should be asked?

More infos about our network: www.nemona.de and on facebook

What do you think?

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Since September 2015 NEMONA is concentrating on sales to strengthen and stabilize the local economy / textile sector in Berlin-Neukölln. NEMONA is part of Unternehmen Neukölln.


Projektträger und Programm

Bezirksamt Neukölln
Abteilung Finanzen und Wirtschaft






Das Projekt „Wirtschaftsorientierte Stadtteilentwicklung für Nord-Neukölln“ / „Unternehmen Neukölln“ wird im Rahmen des ESF-Bundesprogramms „Bildung, Wirtschaft, Arbeit im Quartier - BIWAQ“ durch das Bundesministerium des Innern, für Bau und Heimat und den Europäischen Sozialfonds gefördert.


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