Company Neukölln - Urban impulses for a future location

North Neukölln lives from its colourful and diverse local economy, which is facing up to the current challenges and is supported by the project "Neukölln - urban impulses for a future place". The project provides tailored consulting and networking services to support local economic players with a focus on participants with a migration background, self-employed individuals and cultural and creative professionals.

Especially the trend of digitalisation, which is often a challenge for micro-enterprises and solo self-employed persons, is addressed in targeted offers. The long-term unemployed are accompanied on their way to a job. The local economy plays a key role here.

"With the project "Neukölln - urban impulses for a future location" we want to strengthen the Neukölln location in the long term, promote innovative ideas and actively support new businesses. Neukölln relies on business development and location marketing.

District Mayor Martin Hikel

Company Neukölln consists of a project network of several subprojects

All sub-projects exist and act independently, while at the same time they are networked with each other and form horizontal as well as vertical interfaces between the actors. In this way, all subprojects are to be included in the integrated action concept for the entire district pursued by the overall project.

The primary cross-project objectives include increasing employability, creating jobs, establishing and stabilising business networks, improving economic performance and stabilising businesses, and achieving sustainable structural improvement in the market economy opportunities of individual businesses. However, all sub-projects are also assigned goals to strengthen tourism potential, promote the image of North Neukölln as a business location, communicate diversity and encourage encounters and reduce resentment. In cooperation with the district's European Commission, the Economic Development Department of the District Office is the overall responsible body, which manages and controls all sub-projects.

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Our Team

Clemens Mücke
Project Manager

Juliane Grinda
Project Coordinator

Faye Preusse
Project Coordinator

Isabel Fickentscher
Project Coordinator

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