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    Unternehmen Neukölln

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  • Lokale Ökonomie

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    Wir fördern unsere lokale Wirtschaft

    Wir beraten Gewerbetreibende, Einzelhändler und Ladeninhaber.

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  • Creative Support

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    Wir sind für Kultur und Kreativwirtschaft da

    Webinare, Dialogveranstaltungen etc. – von Kreativen für Kreative.

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  • Bildung und Teilhabe

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    Bildung zum Mitmachen

    Sprachcafés und Angebote zur Digitalisierung

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Urban impulses for a future location

With the project "Neukölln - urban impulses for a future location" we want to strengthen the Neukölln location in the long term, promote innovative ideas and actively support new businesses. Neukölln relies on business development and location marketing.

District Mayor Martin Hikel

Local economy

Creative Support

Education and Participation

The project "Business-oriented district development for North Neukölln" / "Unternehmen Neukölln - Urban impulses for a future location" is funded by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, for Building and Homeland. The project is within the framework of the ESF (European Social Fund Federal) Programme "Education, Economy, Work in the district - BIWAQ

Bildung und Teilhabe, Lokale Ökonomie
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Jeden Freitag um 09:30 Uhr
Lokale Ökonomie, Bildung und Teilhabe
- W O R K S H O P / O N L I N E -
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Wir helfen Dir den Job zu finden der zu dir passt!
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Our workshops & events

We regularly offer workshops and events on essential topics of education, business and work in the neighbourhood. In detail, our offer addresses questions of professional independence in the local economy, support for the creative industries and knowledge transfer at a low-threshold level in the neighbourhood.

Unternehmer*in des Monats

About the programme

BIWAQ improves the opportunities of residents in disadvantaged urban districts with funding from the European Social Fund (ESF) and the Federal Ministry of the Interior. The programme supports projects for integration into work and for strengthening the local economy.

Since 2008, BIWAQ, as a partner programme of the urban development support programme "Socially Integrative City", has deliberately focused on disadvantaged urban and local districts. BIWAQ links local educational, economic and labour market projects with urban development measures. With this focus on social situations and space, the support reaches the people who are in need of it. The projects develop effective instruments for the specific needs in the Socially Integrative City districts. They are linked to urban development investments and cooperate closely with local partners - for example, neighbourhood management, local associations or economic development actors. In the current funding round, BIWAQ is also focusing on digitization.

"BIWAQ will also go digital in the new funding term," said the State Secretary for Building and Construction Gunther Adler. "The programme supports labour market projects in the districts of the Socially Integrative City urban development programme. Nowadays, of course, attention must also be drawn to digital inclusion. After all, having a smartphone does not mean that you can find your way through the jungle of online job offers, advice centres, participation procedures and utilities. This requires skills that are taught in the BIWAQ projects.

ESF Federal Programme "Education, Economy, Work in the District - BIWAQ

BIWAQ - Workshops 2019

Funded by the ESF Federal Programme Education, Economy, Work in the Neighbourhood - BIWAQ

20 years of integrated neighbourhood development - The Socially Integrative City


Town hall letter of the
District Mayor of Neukölln
Martin Hikel